How Horrible is Your Fan Fiction?

Do you love writing super shitty fan fiction?

Of course you do. We all do. Or even if you don’t currently write shitty fan fiction, chances are you did.

Here’s what to do with all of those fan fiction feelings (sometimes known as “Guidelines”): 

Submit your really bad fan fiction to You Life. We’ll (it’s just one person, but “we” sounds more impressive than “I”) jury it to see if it has the quality horribleness that we’re looking for. Some things that you might want to consider when submitting to us (me):

  1. It has to be under 150 words, because we’re (I’m) lazy and don’t want to read several pages about how badly you’ve always wished Luke Skywalker banged Obi Wan.
  2. It has to be really really bad. Borderline offensive. I (we) mean really groundbreakingly awful stuff. Try to throw as many cliched and terrible metaphors as you can think of, coupled with some explicit sexual content to go along with your Power Rangers fan fiction (still under 150 words).
  3. Any fandom for the fictioning is fine
  4. This blog is built on bad taste, but keep racism/ableism/homophobia/outright hate/etc. outta your fan fiction. We (I) want to read something hilarious and embarrassing, not about your determination to keep the race pure.

Where to send it?

Easy one.  

Will you get paid?

You’re fucking kidding me (us), right?

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