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No one goes on the internet to feel good about other people

No one goes on the internet to feel good about other people

Oh hi! Have you ever spent the better portion of an afternoon obsessing over someone’s vanity lifestyle blog, where all they do is update about how crafty, stylish, and special their bullshit lives are? Sometimes there are babies on those blogs! Occasionally puppies that are far better looking than you’ll ever be. Need a tutorial on how to get your hair to look like a twisted bundle of corn silk made into a bun that also looks like a starfish? Their blog has it covered! 

I have lost many hours to those blogs, which I can never reclaim. And because I’m passive aggressive and retaliatory I’ve taken action with a blog of my own.

What about those that can’t be bothered to decorate their living space, or have the perfect significant other, or shower more than two days of the week – or the month?

This blog was supposed to be called, “Your Life Is Not That Great,” but I messed up while typing because I think I was drunk. It’s a blog for the rest of us. And my cats.

I swear never to make a perfect cake…because I don’t even own a pan. Or utensils.

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