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Oh you know what day it is

It’s the best day of the year for me.



In consideration of this celebration, I’ve compiled several resources to help you and your feline friend get the most out of your day:

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Facebook ad targeting: the desolation of Janie

According to five minutes of internet research (actually it was twenty because I got distracted when I found that there was such a thing as an Archie Comics Twitter – what?!?!) I am a victim of Facebook ad targeting. And not in a nice way.

The d-bags at Facebook, who so recently told me I have no friends, have found a new way to demoralize me with their targeted attacks. Like, say, when you’re trying to mass-eat pretzels and chug down dollar wine with your best friends while catching up on Empire only to see that THIS is what Facebook thinks is most relevant to you based on advertisers (quote straight from the Facebook gods’ mouths):

Get[ting] the most value from your ad spend by reaching only the people that matter to you

Honestly...should I just end it? THANKS, THE INTERNET!

Honestly…should I just end it? THANKS, THE INTERNET!

According to ad-space buyers and Facebook’s internet algorithms, the best ad choices for me only have to do with Walmart, cats, and litter.

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It’s not a day, it’s a way of life

day/ year/ life

day/ year/ life

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The tears of an angel

The mighty Liono’s history is a mysterious one. And part of that mystery is how a former farm cat came into such wimpy vocal chords.

Behold the mighty and mightily pathetic roar of a imploring feline desperate to make friends with the maintenance man outside:

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Better than that song that Ma$e and Puff Daddy did

There are few things better than when Ma$e and Puffy used to collaborate in shiny suits. But much like them, “can’t nobody hold me down,” especially in relation to the good things in life.

But my latest creation is better than Ma$e and Puff. It’s better than everything. I don’t know if good things existed before this.¬†Good things didn’t exist before this¬†

the greatest thing in the world


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I wanna be where the people are. I wanna see, wanna see them dancin’

A few years ago I was on the phone with my mom and was telling her about my weekend plans and she responded with this direct (and haunting) quote:

You’ve got your cats and your knitting…sounds like you’re really clickin’ your heels over there in Philadelphia.

So…I tried to brush that off, but upon some re-inspection I might have to reevaluate all of my life choices, and drink a bottle [box] of wine, and cry while shout-singing “Part of Your World” to my feline companions.

Friday night. Just got paid. My cat found my knitting

Friday night. Just got paid. My cat found my knitting

...like, it's not a GREAT feeling when even your cat kind of disrespects you

…like, it’s not a GREAT feeling when even your cat kind of disrespects you

I’m ready to know what the people know!!!!!!


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The Art of Conversation

how to have a conversation with me

if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my cats

As much as I’d love to hear about your Mike and the Mechanics like relationship with your father, I’d prefer to just put on “In the Living Years,” if I wanted to hear about your childhood. Less you. More cats.

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