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Better than that song that Ma$e and Puff Daddy did

There are few things better than when Ma$e and Puffy used to collaborate in shiny suits. But much like them, “can’t nobody hold me down,” especially in relation to the good things in life.

But my latest creation is better than Ma$e and Puff. It’s better than everything. I don’t know if good things existed before this. Good things didn’t exist before this 

the greatest thing in the world


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In case of emergency

Generally when I think of “in case of emergency” situations I tend to veer toward dialing 911 or screaming “fire” at the top of my lungs.

As it turns out I’ve been wrong all of these years
get a priest

I guess that’s why my accidents never get solved, I haven’t been contacting the right people.

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Where are you going to spend eternity?

Got stopped by a person in the subway in order to get another religious pamphlet (a disturbing theme in my life, see: the time I was mistaken for a homeless person) . This time the pamphlet wanted to get right to the issue at hand

I feel like we all know the answer to this

I feel like we all know the answer to this

According to the rhetoric inside, I will not be spending eternity in a nice place.

(HELL! It’s hell, in case you couldn’t tell where the pamphlet was going)

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