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Where are you going to spend eternity?

Got stopped by a person in the subway in order to get another religious pamphlet (a disturbing theme in my life, see: the time I was mistaken for a homeless person) . This time the pamphlet wanted to get right to the issue at hand

I feel like we all know the answer to this

I feel like we all know the answer to this

According to the rhetoric inside, I will not be spending eternity in a nice place.

(HELL! It’s hell, in case you couldn’t tell where the pamphlet was going)

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Have you done anything supa’ sexy recently?

I totally have. I got all naked, and soapy, and wet with….

My dishes!

Because my sink is clogged and I promised myself that I would wash my dishes by hell or high water. Instead, I forgot about them. So, we all ended up showering together once my hair began to smell offensive.

Happy Friday.

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