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[Poll] Which joke do I go with?

While on the field for my job (my highly important job that I love, not at this place that keeps rejecting me from a job I didn’t want), I was waiting for the bus (because I don’t know how to drive) and saw this:


Nature is both surprising and awe-inspiring

And my bitter snarky mind immediately wanted to send joking text messages to the five people that will entertain my shenanigans.


Please help:


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A very special You Life: George’s eulogy.

Yesterday, on Christmas, I spent an entire day on the train traveling back to my apartment. I purchased myself some holiday PBRs and got ready to have a full blown solo Christmas pity party. All of my intentions were focused on feeling totally sorry for myself because I was spending Christmas alone. However, George had other plans.

His plan?

rip georgenstein collage

This is exactly how he wanted to go, on Christmas: a day usually reserved for family, and happiness, and joy. Those are all of the things that he hates and stands against. Misery? Pain? Mournful tunes on the banjo? The last chapter of Oil? Ruining gift giving holidays? George knew that those were the real simple pleasures in life.

And, obviously, hating you. That was another of his favorite things.

And, obviously, hating you. That was another of his favorite things.

Except, of course, there is more pleasure in dying. So, after a hundred and fifty thousand years of life George went to meet him maker.

I think we all know who George's maker is

I think we all know who George’s maker is

And I, for one, will miss the ever loving shit out of that miserable cranky cat bastard. And, while his cold dead body rests in the space heater box in my living room while I am at work (HE WOULD HAVE WANTED IT THAT WAY DON’T JUDGE ME), later on I will be memorializing him in the best way possible: playing The Ballad of Georgie on the ukulele and whiskey drankin’.
bye baby

Bye, littlest evil.
rip george 8



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Where are you going to spend eternity?

Got stopped by a person in the subway in order to get another religious pamphlet (a disturbing theme in my life, see: the time I was mistaken for a homeless person) . This time the pamphlet wanted to get right to the issue at hand

I feel like we all know the answer to this

I feel like we all know the answer to this

According to the rhetoric inside, I will not be spending eternity in a nice place.

(HELL! It’s hell, in case you couldn’t tell where the pamphlet was going)

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Magic School Bus

It is my gift; It is my curse: my face.

While waiting for the 95 bus to take me to my (grownup) job today something happened. Something mystical. Something that teetered that fine line between joy and sorrow.

Not one, but two, school buses stopped to pick me up within the course of an hour.

This picture taken mere moment before the great school bus incident of 2012

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