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Oh you know what day it is

It’s the best day of the year for me.



In consideration of this celebration, I’ve compiled several resources to help you and your feline friend get the most out of your day:

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It’s not a day, it’s a way of life

day/ year/ life

day/ year/ life

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The tears of an angel

The mighty Liono’s history is a mysterious one. And part of that mystery is how a former farm cat came into such wimpy vocal chords.

Behold the mighty and mightily pathetic roar of a imploring feline desperate to make friends with the maintenance man outside:

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Better than that song that Ma$e and Puff Daddy did

There are few things better than when Ma$e and Puffy used to collaborate in shiny suits. But much like them, “can’t nobody hold me down,” especially in relation to the good things in life.

But my latest creation is better than Ma$e and Puff. It’s better than everything. I don’t know if good things existed before this. Good things didn’t exist before this 

the greatest thing in the world


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The soothing timbre of Liono

To help you get through your day here is a sound recording of Liono’s unbelievably loud snoring.

photo (1)

Now everyone feels better.

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Always a consummate professional

When asked to represent ourselves on a whiteboard at work, I did so as only the most competent of employees would:

it's a way of life

it’s a way of life

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Happy end of 2013

I know how I'll be spending it

I know how I’ll be spending it

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