Oh you know what day it is

It’s the best day of the year for me.



In consideration of this celebration, I’ve compiled several resources to help you and your feline friend get the most out of your day:

Party hardy

Party hardy

Firstly, install this on Chrome immediately. It turns all of the O’s into kitty faces, and there are cat sounds, and feline graphics and life is amazing. Also it’s called Meowify: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/meowify-extension/bmoebommkkpjpjeolnmbhhjoncpoeilo

Next. Gather your kitty cat and have them play with this boss shit:

I’m about to buy an iPad just so my cats can play with it.

Sexy Cat Woman

Sexy Cat Woman

My friend just informed me (while writing this – KISMET) that there is a podcast of cats purring. Listen to it: http://purrcast.com/



And make sure to visit the National Cat Day website: http://www.nationalcatday.com/

To all the crazy cat people out there: Rejoice rejoice, it’s a glorious day to drink White Russians and hang out with your cats.

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