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Welcome to this apartment

I found the perfect welcoming sign to hang on my door to the apartment. If my neighbors weren’t concerned and confused by this

I can only imagine how they feel about this:

despite being a lady, he insists on calling me "dad"

despite being a lady, he insists on calling me “dad”

And the boy that I am referring to?
kitty bruises 2
My bouncing baby cat-son.

Happy Father’s Day, ya’ll. And happy Father’s Day to me, Liono calls me “Dad” after all.

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Have you done anything supa’ sexy recently?

I totally have. I got all naked, and soapy, and wet with….

My dishes!

Because my sink is clogged and I promised myself that I would wash my dishes by hell or high water. Instead, I forgot about them. So, we all ended up showering together once my hair began to smell offensive.

Happy Friday.

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The great and powerful landlord – plus new neighbors

As far as I know, I have a landlord. Every month I send a rent check, two weeks late, to a person. The check definitely gets cashed, generally resulting in a massive overdraft fee. At one point while in Chicago I got a call from a medical supply store that turned out to be my landlord telling me that my check bounced. The voice was certainly pissed.

Other than that – nope. He’s a mystery. Don’t know his name, what he looks like, or what he actually does. I didn’t have heat for an entire winter. I don’t have a number where I can contact him – let alone a maintenance man.

This is what I think he might look like

hmm…that looks a bit like Johnny Cash during the end days. Failure.

Let’s try that again:


However, I know he isn’t an illusion. My landlord is a man of flesh and blood. I know this because sometimes he leaves me gifts outside my door.

I wonder what he is trying to to tell me?

Evidently a furrier new tenant has also moved in recently.


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