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And a Krampus in a pear tree

Merry Krampus

Merry Krampus

May Krampus wander the streets and terrify children with rusty chains and bells, bringing swift and beastly justice to naughty kids, during this special holiday season.


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The great and powerful landlord – plus new neighbors

As far as I know, I have a landlord. Every month I send a rent check, two weeks late, to a person. The check definitely gets cashed, generally resulting in a massive overdraft fee. At one point while in Chicago I got a call from a medical supply store that turned out to be my landlord telling me that my check bounced. The voice was certainly pissed.

Other than that – nope. He’s a mystery. Don’t know his name, what he looks like, or what he actually does. I didn’t have heat for an entire winter. I don’t have a number where I can contact him – let alone a maintenance man.

This is what I think he might look like

hmm…that looks a bit like Johnny Cash during the end days. Failure.

Let’s try that again:


However, I know he isn’t an illusion. My landlord is a man of flesh and blood. I know this because sometimes he leaves me gifts outside my door.

I wonder what he is trying to to tell me?

Evidently a furrier new tenant has also moved in recently.


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Piss poor pandas

My love for you infuriates me!

Anyone who knows me has heard my undying hatred for pandas. I think they are the most passive aggressive animals that ever existed; I am entirely confused as to why we don’t let these little bastards just throw themselves, and their beary girth, into extinction.

I liked drawing an angry panda because I feel as though that’s what pandas are like under their placid demeanor, they burn with a secret rage because people won’t let them just kill themselves off. They refuse to fuck in the wild, they abandon their young in the small chance that they do copulate, and they are non-carnivorous bears. WHAT OTHER HINTS DO WE NEED?
…that being said  I want to go to the Wolong panda reserve to let a baby panda hug train get run on me

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