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The very best sort of day

May your Fridays be filled with dinosaurs and your hearts filled with love

May your Fridays be filled with dinosaurs and your hearts filled with love

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It is our mighty banner under which we fly:

you're never drinking alone

This is a universal truth.



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How do you express your feelings?

Have you ever had the feelings for someone? Me too!

I am pretty shy at expressing my emotions, so I found the best way to share how I feel with that certain someone is to send a handmade postcard.

Like this one that I mailed to that special person recently:

nothing like drawing that person an adorable kitty

nothing like drawing that person an adorable kitty

to let them know how you really feel.

to let them know how you really feel.

Which, in this case, is disgust and disdain.

It’s the You Life version of Hallmark, always sending the very best. Also, cats.

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Titanic: a retrospect

My friend Shawn (he did a guest post on robots) has the coolest dog in the world. He’s a miniature Pinscher named Vader. I absolutely love this little dog:

Players gonna play

He is a lady killer and a total pimp. His yips are as iconic in our group of friends as Andy Warhol’s soup can.  He charms even the hardest of hearts; he’ll eat the largest of Baconators®.

He seduces the most curmudgeonly of souls 

So, as a birthday gift for Shawn I decided to draw the portrait in Titanic the way it was meant to be drawn. While many might view the supple naked body of a young Kate Winslet to be beyond improvements…I saw an area in which it was lacking. It was completely absent of Vader.

I rectified that problem:

Draw me like one of your French Vaders. Wearing this. Wearing ONLY this.

Eat it James Cameron.



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Piss poor pandas

My love for you infuriates me!

Anyone who knows me has heard my undying hatred for pandas. I think they are the most passive aggressive animals that ever existed; I am entirely confused as to why we don’t let these little bastards just throw themselves, and their beary girth, into extinction.

I liked drawing an angry panda because I feel as though that’s what pandas are like under their placid demeanor, they burn with a secret rage because people won’t let them just kill themselves off. They refuse to fuck in the wild, they abandon their young in the small chance that they do copulate, and they are non-carnivorous bears. WHAT OTHER HINTS DO WE NEED?
…that being said  I want to go to the Wolong panda reserve to let a baby panda hug train get run on me

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What? Groundhog’s Day, you say?!

"Shadow or not, your year is gonna blow!"

Oh! It’s Groundhog’s Day! Punxsutawney Phil, you are a little fucker. 2012, you better step up your game.

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