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The delicate sensibilities of decorating

I am a You life of discerning tastes.  And when it comes to decorating my abode I like to pick only the most special of prized finds to accompany the dust bunnies and tumbleweeds of cat hair

scientific illustration of cat tumbleweeds

scientific illustration of cat tumbleweeds

So when I saw this, I knew it had to come live with me, and that weird mold that has started growing in my refrigerator, immediately.

A flying cat/dog with a basketball on it's ass

A flying cat/dog with a basketball on its ass

Welcome home.


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Titanic: a retrospect

My friend Shawn (he did a guest post on robots) has the coolest dog in the world. He’s a miniature Pinscher named Vader. I absolutely love this little dog:

Players gonna play

He is a lady killer and a total pimp. His yips are as iconic in our group of friends as Andy Warhol’s soup can.  He charms even the hardest of hearts; he’ll eat the largest of Baconators®.

He seduces the most curmudgeonly of souls 

So, as a birthday gift for Shawn I decided to draw the portrait in Titanic the way it was meant to be drawn. While many might view the supple naked body of a young Kate Winslet to be beyond improvements…I saw an area in which it was lacking. It was completely absent of Vader.

I rectified that problem:

Draw me like one of your French Vaders. Wearing this. Wearing ONLY this.

Eat it James Cameron.



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