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“Fan” Fiction

A delightfully puntacular fan fiction, the first one ever submitted to me, by your friend and mine: the talented Dave Terruso.

Words: “Fan” Fiction – Dave
Pictures: Law Offices of Van Noss & Van Noss
Sound: Dave part 2, electric boogaloo

dakota fanningBios:

Dave Terruso: is a host at Helium Comedy Club. He has opened for acts including Richard Lewis, Gilbert Gottfried, Charlie Murphy, Chris Hardwick, and Tim Meadows.
He is the co-founder of Philly Sketchfest, a national sketch comedy festival going into its seventh year.
Dave’s sketch comedy duo Animosity Pierre was an official selection of the 2010 San Francisco Sketchfest and the 2010 Chicago Sketchfest. His sketch comedy has been lauded by TIME Magazine.
Dave’s first novel, a dark-comic murder mystery called Cube Sleuth, is available at Amazon.com.

The Law Offices of Van Noss ²:’s attempt to remove “the incident” from his record was overturned by an appellate court.

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