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Reflection on this year of our satan, 2016:


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December 21, 2016 · 3:33 pm

For all your Facebook needs

Based off of a conversation happeningĀ online yesterday, I shared a photo of what I direct message to people when they decide to have Facebook fights with me about my opinions. Which, shockingly, I get into pretty often.

Realizing that it might have more of a purpose than just to be a snide remark to the douches that feel the need to annoy me online, I’ve spruced up the photo and here it is:



Use it in good health and when you find it necessary.


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You Life on Fire

Wow, my laziness has gotten the best of me in regards to updating the ol’ You Life. Let’s change that, and I can make empty promises to be more diligent about keeping this current. Since, I’m a sort of finger on the pulse of politics kinda girl here’s a topical post.

In the inter-office chat we discuss stupidity, and I knock it out of the park with my zingers. I also changed everyone’s chat icons to G.I. Joe characters (with the exception of myself, which I have indicated as such).

Take that wealthy politicians! Be hurt by my bitchery.

Take that wealthy politicians! Be hurt by my bitchery.

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