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You Life: the redaction

Not since the new York Times accidentally leaked an NSA employee’s name has a publication made such a grievous error. It has come to my attention that I made a abysmal mistake in my previous update. This blunder was brought to me by my co-worker and friend “Micha…” in yesterdays chat (and chat photo). As it turns out when I was picking G.I. Joe characters I picked a inaccurate character to represent him. I originally intended Duke to be used for someone else, but sheer laziness and Microsoft Paint had other plans.

This was my miscalculation and embarrassing oversight.

Since Micha… was kind enough to bring to my attention the horrendous slip-up on my part, as a favor I am issuing a redaction with a correction. Mea Culpa, Micha…! Thankfully, he was so magnanimous that he even offered me a list to pick from for the corrected inter-office chat photo:

he makes so many valid points

he makes so many valid points

Let’s hope that You Life doesn’t flounder into the world of Brian Williams-like disreputable-ness. Here is the corrected hilarity from yesterday:

This one is for you Micha…

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You Life on Fire

Wow, my laziness has gotten the best of me in regards to updating the ol’ You Life. Let’s change that, and I can make empty promises to be more diligent about keeping this current. Since, I’m a sort of finger on the pulse of politics kinda girl here’s a topical post.

In the inter-office chat we discuss stupidity, and I knock it out of the park with my zingers. I also changed everyone’s chat icons to G.I. Joe characters (with the exception of myself, which I have indicated as such).

Take that wealthy politicians! Be hurt by my bitchery.

Take that wealthy politicians! Be hurt by my bitchery.

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