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It’s the final countdown

Believe it.

Just like all good things must come to an end, all shitty things come to an end too.

In celebration of never working at Y** again:

a car got post-it'ed

a car got post-it’ed

It was revealed that it was no hallucination, someone has been eating all of your frozen food:

you bet your ass it was

you bet your ass it was

And then in an effort to ensure that no beauty is in this office my co-worker and I decided to steal the Cezanne prints from the corporate side of the office. (They might not be a reproduction of Cezanne prints, fuck it).

Only to get caught by a grumpy man that’ll still have a job come Monday.

So we did what anyone would do:

classing up the loo

classing up the loo

The infamous toilet from this

And then a fellow co-worker stole a chair.

Also, I kept the artwork.

Thanks for the blog fodder, job, see you around.



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