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Oh felicitous day!

Have you ever opened a tin of leftovers only to find the tables’ worth of cutlery inside because the previous week during a “cleaning spree” you had thrown away all of your previously owned knives and forks (let’s be fair I only owned one of both, but still it was trying to eat pasta without them)?

Tofu burrito, fries, and cutlery. Huzzah!

Tofu burrito, fries, and cutlery. Huzzah!

Thank you, Mad Mex, I don’t have to eat pasta with my hands this week.


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How to make the most delicious chicken wings ever

My friends and I had been hearing only the best things about this Korean restaurant in Northeast Philadelphia. It seemed like we couldn’t walk ten paces without someone enthusiastically telling us to go to this place and get the fried chicken wings. GET THE CHICKEN WINGS.

So we went and amidst great confusion got the wings. It might not seem a great trial to order fried chicken wings (for a normal person’s life). But this might clarify why we ordered with shaky voices, “the chicken wings?” (waitstaff love nothing more than when you phrase your food order as a question):

That's the menu. Is the hot lady a meal option? She's both "sweet AND hot."

That’s the menu. Is the hot lady a meal option? She’s both “sweet AND hot.”

The wings were mother fucking delicious. Because the wings might be people. And, dammit, people wings are fucking delightful.

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