The finer details of fire safety

The other night I decided to make nachos as a celebratory meal for finishing a Tuesday well done.  And also because I feel less pathetic cooking dinner for one (plus cats) when it’s a featured item on the Chili’s menu.

Some people think “nachos” and this is what is brought to their imagination:

whoever made this is a miracle worker of culinary proportions

whoever made this is a miracle worker of culinary proportions

I make a less traditional nacho, comprised of only two ingredients:

This is more my speed

This is more my speed

After throwing those into the broiler there are some that might diligently wait by the oven and wait for the cheese to melt and then proceed with feasting. But I am not some, and instead walked to my local 7-11  to get additional grocery-like supplies.

I returned to a miniature conflagration in my kitchen.

Since I paid attention in grade school I knew that I needed to get a fire extinguisher right quick. I ran to my hallway to grab it and that is where I found:

Happy 2013!

Happy 2013!

As it turns out, a fire extinguisher two years expired doesn’t work on a molten mass of flaming triscuits. So I did what any person would do. I grabbed six towels, opened the window, and threw the firey food into the softly falling snow.

And then I left a PSA where the expired fire extinguisher used to be for my landlord to see

smokey is furious



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5 responses to “The finer details of fire safety

  1. Big Bad Pigmin

    Doesn’t it mean that April 2011 the last time the extinguisher was serviced, rather than an expiration date?

    • Actually they need to be serviced every six months to a year. This would still put that puppy ten months or so away from being up to code. Don’t worry, I already talked to a maintenance man from a big person’s apartment and they assured me that it’s not kosher. Also they need immediate assistance if the dial is not in the green. See above.

  2. That top picture of nachos is totes over the top. They’ve even ruffled the sour cream. One does not ruffle sour cream.

    Also, I went through a spate of invalidating fire extinguishers by sitting on them… usually the pins were loose and the first thing I knew about it was a flood of foam creeping down the hallway. Happened at least 3 times.

    • Can we please discuss the sitting on fire extinguishers further? Because I feel like I really want to know the details of this.

      And people who ruffle sour cream weren’t hugged enough as children.

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