Its guise is also its disguise

“Janie, how do you face life with such ebullient enthusiasm?” an imaginary person that I created for this scenario once asked me.

“Well, imaginary friend, I think the most important thing about life is approaching the day to day mundanities with jolliness and good cheer so you can see the sanctity that exists in every single moment,” I responded beatifically.

But I guess I could have just cut to the real meat of that sentence by showing the imaginary friend my beverage that I bring throughout the streets of Philadelphia:

this is an option on their secret menu

this is an option on their secret menu

Dunkin Donuts cups always hide the secret terror within


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2 responses to “Its guise is also its disguise

  1. And apparently you’re beating any daily problems to death with words like, “ebullient,” “mundanities,” and “beatifically.” Well done! 🙂 I must see if I can get Tim Horton’s to include that special beverage on their unwritten menu. 😯

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