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Its guise is also its disguise

“Janie, how do you face life with such ebullient enthusiasm?” an imaginary person that I created for this scenario once asked me.

“Well, imaginary friend, I think the most important thing about life is approaching the day to day mundanities¬†with jolliness and good cheer so you can see the sanctity that exists in every single moment,” I responded beatifically.

But I guess I could have just cut to the real meat of that sentence by showing the imaginary friend my beverage that I bring throughout the streets of Philadelphia:

this is an option on their secret menu

this is an option on their secret menu

Dunkin Donuts cups always hide the secret terror within


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Ask and you shall receive

An answer to the eternal question:
coffee cup


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Probably best to avoid me till the caffeine is flowing through my veins

I find this utterly unacceptable.  Look at the amount of coffee left in here:

delicious - luke warm coffee grounds

delicious Рlukewarm coffee grounds 

To which I might respond with something along the lines of this:

I'm looking for you, co-worker who does this

I’m looking for you, co-worker who does this ^

Spoiler alert, I didn’t wash the coffee pot first.


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