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My inbox is where everything awesome lives

Twitter is inherently hilarious. It’s for those that want to connect with other people, but don’t care to read more than a sentence about their life. And recently Twitter has started to email me helpful suggestions. And, oh look, Twitter is interested in suggesting some people I may know

Yes…I believe I may be familiar with his work

Thanks, Twitter.

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The opportunity to be whatever I like!

No garbage can is safe from me. People throw away a shocking amount of very cool things. While I don’t endlessly route around in pails of garbage, rifling through old food and cat liter, I have been known to dumpster dive from time to time. And, often times, I find freaking awesome things.

Even more importantly, when people come over to my apartment they are stunned to see some of my, perceived, achievements. This week I have been gifted the ability to, now, be a champion bowler. Go ME! Go GARBAGE!

Hidden talents!

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