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A birthday You Life

It’s my birthday, and someone very special wants to celebrate with me.

Jack Daniel’s wants to celebrate with me.  Welcome to adulthood, where a liquor company is who wants to celebrate the anniversary of your birth. I’ll see you later tonight, Jack!

Happy You Life!

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Work Attire

Some offices have corporate casual. I think my office does as well. I have chosen to ignore the corporate part of that sentiment and focus on the casual. Sometimes I am so casual in the morning while dressing that I just randomly pick clothes off of the floor. And I end up coming to work in a t-shirt that is an homage to the Disney movie about singing dancing  news boys

Oh – you know!

So, I wore my Newsies t-shirt to work. But this shirt not only was emblazoned with “Never fear, Brooklyn is here!” but also completely covered in my blood. From when I fell. On my face. Incredibly hard.  The blood clots changed the charming Disney sentiment  from one of encouragement to menace.

Carry the banner, ya'll!

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