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Dear work, never stop. Love, Janie

I just…there are no words. I contacted my HR representative asking about options to pay for school through some mythical program where little angels swoop down and save me fromĀ incurringĀ (even more) massive debt.

She was so helpful.

Ahhh, Google, of course.

Ahhh, Google, of course.

As it turns out I am thinking of applying to work in HR for my former company, evidently all you need to be qualified is access to Google and your head lodged in your sphincter.


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The end times

Well my juncture at my hideous job is coming to a very slow (crawling) end. In response to this I have decided to be as unhelpful as humanly possible.

My work gets back checked (endlessly) for editing mistakes. The back checker will leave helpful little notes on what I did wrong.

I have responded to such a note. With great prejudice.

just in case I was confused about what I did wrong.


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