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Breakfast cancer

I wasn’t allowed to have snack food growing up. No soda, no caffeine, no candy. My mother was, and is, a phenomenal cook which meant that I was blessed with awesome meals everyday – including packed lunches.


There is a part of me that would like to repay these healthy eating habits during my youth with a balanced and mature response to the ability to now purchase my own groceries and prepare my own meals.

On the other hand. Breakfast candy sounds delightful

Good morning, cancer. I’ve noted that the main ingredients in most of my breakfast consisted of colors and numbers.

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How to cure a hangover

Here is my fail safe way to get rid of those pesky hangovers.

It will involve a Philadelphia classic: Lee’s Hoagie House (check it!)


Menu for the Janie Cure™: pepperoni cheese steak, hot sauce, cheese fries, diet Coke (aspartame!), Gatorade, cats

Call it quits on this day, you’re stayin’ home.


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