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The amount of fucks I give

Zero - no fucks. Not a single one

Zero – no fucks. Not a single one

The Cheez-its are an arrow pointing to the stars in reverence for this song:

Cause when you are facing cardiac arrest by pizza, truly the “only way is up,” ¬†from there.

Did I mention that this was a microwavable pizza for one? Cause, yes.

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My chips are serious as hell

I like most things in my life to have a very high production value. But it came as a shock to me to see my chips taking life so seriously, especially considering their humble origin from the 79 cent chip rack at 7-11 (girl’s gotta eat)

Damn son

I can finally throw my vibrator away, these chips are going to be satisfying me from now on.

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Things on your food

I have very clearly just given up on life entirely.


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