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Class acts are directed right here

And once again, these are the search engine terms that direct people to this blog:

such tales are great classic. My masturbation tale the most so. KINDREDS

such tales are great classics. My masturbation tale the most so.


Which refers to this
And for the record, my coming of age (no pun intended) story of wanking off has generated an unusual amount of hits. Thanks Daniel Defoe!

And this person who was looking for an awful lot out of their chips:

my chips didn't vibrate but you can go to 7-11 for the second best option

my chips didn’t vibrate but you can go to 7-11 for the second best option

Which refers, of course, to this

Thanks for visiting, whoever you are, you made my week.

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Who is this person?!

I like to obsessively follow my own blog, because I am neurotically obsessed with myself.

This entails trying to figure out what draws people in terms of search words to this blog.

John Donne once said, “No man is an island.” And in regards to the over-share update on how I used to try and wank off to Moll Flanders I would like to ponder this question:
who is this person

They might be my soul mate.

Also, how funny are the other search terms?



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