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Immortalized on the internet

Sometimes you have friends that are mad talented and they immortalize you on the internet because of your cat lady-ness. Go check out this fine girl’s work. Also, cats in a me suit.


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Style is as style doesn’t get off the couch

One rule to fashion is creating a specific style that expresses what you are feeling. Creative dressing can help to define who you are at a particular moment. The outfit should creatively identify you and express all of those internal emotions that often don’t have a voice. Fashion is so wonderful.

At “You Life,” style is highly valued. All throughout 2011, I chose a uniform that defined where I was in my life at that moment:

Bed. I was in bed for most of 2011

The uniform was pajama pants, my green Bob Ross sweatshirt, and a cat by my side.
What I was expressing was misfortune, laziness, poorness, and laziness.

It is a new year with a new apartment, which inevitably means that new styles have entered into the ‘You Life,’ world. You can be sure that I will update you on it.

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