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YouTube comments make the world a better place

Whenever life gets particularly shitty I like to search through the comments on YouTube to see those that are significantly worse off than me.  There is nothing more heartrending than the cries of the forlorn seeking internet therapy while simultaneously watching music videos.

Like this lost soul

I just can't get over her!

Nine people agree, break-ups are horrible.

The song? The music that was breaking their heart and reminding them of this tragic loss?

Ya know, the song from Pretty Woman

Ya know, the song from Pretty Woman

And in case you don’t understand the absolute hilarity in weeping over this entirely shameful song, here is the music video

Good luck, sir, hopefully the dulcet tones of Go West will help ease the heartache. And if it brings you any comfort, your comment made me laugh my ass off during a time of my own misery.


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My musical abilities are epic

I love Downton Abbey. It’s phenomenal and gives me the ability to indulge in several of my favorite things: large hats, British accents, and over dramatic longings.



However…there is ONE thing it might be missing.

Kitties singing the theme song.


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