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My job is comedic gold

No, seriously. The company I work for is (inadvertent)┬ácomedic genius. It’s like the Andy Kaufman of failing businesses that are desperately trying not to close despite the fact that they’re trading as a penny stock now.

In an effort to test the waters of employee satisfaction, the company sent out a survey to ALL employees – including those in the Philadelphia office that just got entirely laid off.

Here are some of the winning gems plus, perhaps, some of the additional comments that a certain employee (IT’S ME) added to let them know my current level of satisfaction

these questions sound like my job is breaking up with me and we're at the desperate ending "state of the union" sorta divorce stage

these questions sound like my job is breaking up with me and we’re at the desperate ending “state of the union” sorta divorce stage. We’re also period’ing together

And the ultimate:laid off

Well…you laid everyone off, so talk to me more about these advancement opportunities.


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YouTube comments make the world a better place

Whenever life gets particularly shitty I like to search through the comments on YouTube to see those that are significantly worse off than me.  There is nothing more heartrending than the cries of the forlorn seeking internet therapy while simultaneously watching music videos.

Like this lost soul

I just can't get over her!

Nine people agree, break-ups are horrible.

The song? The music that was breaking their heart and reminding them of this tragic loss?

Ya know, the song from Pretty Woman

Ya know, the song from Pretty Woman

And in case you don’t understand the absolute hilarity in weeping over this entirely shameful song, here is the music video

Good luck, sir, hopefully the dulcet tones of Go West will help ease the heartache. And if it brings you any comfort, your comment made me laugh my ass off during a time of my own misery.


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