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What I wore to work – the I’ve obviously stopped caring edition

Oh? Did you try and hide the work bear from me?

Guess what?

I fucking found him

I fucking found him

And stole him

unrelated - I've also taken to wearing a mustache at work these days

unrelated – I’ve also taken to wearing a mustache at work these days

Just like Brandy and Monica sang before me, “the bear is mine.”

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What I wore to work – the laid off edition

Do you know who always looks great?
where is waldo
Yup. That guy.

Do you know what I also have an affinity for?

Bears (and Bear Ambulances)

Bears (and Bear Ambulances)

What happens when it is the end times at work? The “last days of Rome” days at work? I’ll end up at my office dressed like Where’s Waldo, pulling up that iconic sweater, in front of a statue of bear…that happens to be parked in front of my boss’s office.

Go ahead...fire me.

Go ahead…fire me. I bear ya!


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The end times

Well my juncture at my hideous job is coming to a very slow (crawling) end. In response to this I have decided to be as unhelpful as humanly possible.

My work gets back checked (endlessly) for editing mistakes. The back checker will leave helpful little notes on what I did wrong.

I have responded to such a note. With great prejudice.

just in case I was confused about what I did wrong.


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