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Corey Albertson

Just like this guy, we have a new addition to the writers’ room at work. You might remember him from here.

He’s taken a significant left-hand turn away from well-wishing and Valentine’s Day celebrating.

Wise cracks with our dinosaur Corey Albertson

Wise cracks with our dinosaur, Corey Albertson

Welcome to Jurassic Snark
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You work is not so great

You might be surprised to find out that You Life is fully employed by an outside agency. And it isn’t as a representative for a spirits distributor. No, my daytime job is both bureaucratic and depressing. I am like a latter, female, Harvey Pekar (without the cancer, RIP dude).

And like any office job I am required to password protect…well, everything.

And then change my password.

Every month.

After all the typing, and passwords, and computers, and numbers I begin to feel more like a slightly sentient robot than a human. So I made  a new password to reflect that: Robots love us!

Be my robot mommy.

When the computers become self-aware I will be their vessel. Hear me, oh robot gods!

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