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Do I have any suggestions for my job?

Do I have any suggestions for the company I work for?

Do I have any suggestions for the company I work for?

As it turned out I did have a suggestion for them:
job suggestions 2

Second suggestion, go fuck yourself.


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A constructive use of time at work

I am pretty sure that there had to be a more constructive use for my time at work other than researching this:

No, seriously, is it the corn or something?

But what is meeting up with standards, productivity goals, and quality assurance when one has a thirst for knowledge such as I possess?

Additionally, what the fuck is going on out there? Is there some sort of Übermensch of hotties being grown out there without my knowledge? If anyone could shed some light on this, I bet my job would appreciate it.


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You work is not so great

You might be surprised to find out that You Life is fully employed by an outside agency. And it isn’t as a representative for a spirits distributor. No, my daytime job is both bureaucratic and depressing. I am like a latter, female, Harvey Pekar (without the cancer, RIP dude).

And like any office job I am required to password protect…well, everything.

And then change my password.

Every month.

After all the typing, and passwords, and computers, and numbers I begin to feel more like a slightly sentient robot than a human. So I made  a new password to reflect that: Robots love us!

Be my robot mommy.

When the computers become self-aware I will be their vessel. Hear me, oh robot gods!

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