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Happy end of 2013

I know how I'll be spending it

I know how I’ll be spending it


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Never forget

It was around this time last year that my beloved George was dead in a space heater box in my living room that Liono and Easy Mac ended up jumping in while I was at work and therefore solidified their absolute fear of all future boxes.

You're welcome, George

You’re welcome, George

Some people think of Christmas and conjure up memories of Santa and family and a baby in a manger. But we both know that December 25th will forever be the day that human idiocy infuriated your old ass into death.

Miss you.

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And a Krampus in a pear tree

Merry Krampus

Merry Krampus

May Krampus wander the streets and terrify children with rusty chains and bells, bringing swift and beastly justice to naughty kids, during this special holiday season.


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Happy Spanksgiving

From You Life to you:

gobble, y'all

gobble, y’all

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Halloween haunting, the You Life edition

Since funemployment, I recently moved out of the delightful shitbox that I formerly called, “home.” It was a hard readjustment and a tearful farewell to all of the things I had gotten so used to: no heat, questionable fire safety, a garbage fridge. But, I have new things to look forward to now. One of these things I was affectionately referring to as “homeless’ing,” where I would delight in staying on friends’ couches.

Since I am the luckiest of ladies, two of my friends granted me a headquarters where I might unpack my cat knickknacks on a less transient basis.

But just like bad credit and scabies follows a person, I have a very special spectral visitor.

What's that?!

What’s that?!

No. It can’t be. There is no possible way that this can what I think it is. Because what I think it is a misplaced crock pot filled with poisonous old food. I remember something like this; something dark, and evil, and filled with some sort of chili…



My trash-fridge is my own personal version of a Stephen King novel. Because upon closer inspection it seems like trash-fridge chili is following me. Haunting me…

Oh come on

Oh come on

I might have created a sentient being in trash-fridge. And I feel like I’m not paranoid in saying that the ghost of it is trying to murder me. IT’S THE CHILI OF THE UNDEAD!

Happy Halloween, all!

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Another day, yet also another year of writing You Life

I am an old person today. And to remind me where my priorities have laid for the last many years, my best friend emailed me to remind me about friendship and love:

Ahh yes, it's you my old friend

Ahh yes, it’s you my old friend

And again, see you later on tonight Jack Daniel’s.

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Welcome to this apartment

I found the perfect welcoming sign to hang on my door to the apartment. If my neighbors weren’t concerned and confused by this

I can only imagine how they feel about this:

despite being a lady, he insists on calling me "dad"

despite being a lady, he insists on calling me “dad”

And the boy that I am referring to?
kitty bruises 2
My bouncing baby cat-son.

Happy Father’s Day, ya’ll. And happy Father’s Day to me, Liono calls me “Dad” after all.

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